2:28 PM Allergies Protection Tips: November 2015

Monday, 9 November 2015

Five Important Reasons to Seek Out an Allergy Doctor Today

Although a general doctor can be a great person to see for regular overall health check-ups, some people would benefit greatly from having a doctor that specifically handles allergies. There are a few reasons you may be considering visiting this kind of doctor, and reasons why you should be.

An allergy doctor may have the advantage over your general doctor when it comes to cases that call for expertise specifically in allergies. If you think about it, a general doctor has to learn a lot about many different parts of the body and many different illnesses. This gives that doctor less time to devote to studying each topic that they have to have an understanding of. However, an allergist only sees patients for cases relating to allergies. This means that the doctor can spend all of their time specifically studying allergy-related things.

Another great reason to see an allergist would be that you might discover allergies that you didn’t know you had. Sometimes an allergic reaction is not something as obvious as being unable to breathe or breaking out in a rash. It can be something as simple as a bellyache when you eat certain foods you don’t know you’re allergic to. A blood panel will test for many common allergies that you may not have ever thought about.

Have you recently developed problems that you feel may be allergy-related, but you have no history of having these problems before? An allergy doctor may also test you for specific allergens that have entered your life previously, such as a new pet, or a recent move that exposed you to new plants.

Once the cause has been identified, your doctor can work with you to help you understand how your allergies affect you and what can be done to manage or avoid these allergies. This can include identifying specific ingredients in certain foods that may make you sick, as well as the possibility of taking daily medication to prevent the onset of allergy symptoms when coming in contact with an allergen.

You allergist will also work with you to decide on a course of action. They can provide antihistimines, steroid treatments and inhaler options. These is even an option to get regular allergies shots that will, over time, reduce the effects of the allergy.

Don’t delay any longer; the future happiness of your sinuses depends on you. Begin your search for an allergy doctor in Triangle.

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A Poor Immune System is the Cause of Your Eczema

Allergies are usually caused by an overactive immune system,however, eczema is a unique case, where it is actually caused by a poorly functioning immune system. Findings from a study published in 2011 suggest that eczema is caused by what it calls an “impaired immunological memory.”

What is an immunological memory?

Your body’s immunological memory is two types of cells, T-cells and B-cells, working together to create an immune response when they recognize a foreign substance. These substances are often pollen, dust mites and bacteria.

There are genetic causes of eczema, too.

There are a few genetic syndromes that can lead to eczema. For example, Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome, an immune deficiency that causes increased levels of IgE, which are the “allergic” antibodies specific for certain allergens.

IPEX is another common cause for eczema in boys due to increased levels of IgE, however the inheritance is different as it is x-linked and affects males.

What to do about your eczema

A doctor will be able to diagnose your eczema and try to find a cause as well as a cure.  If you believe that you are suffering from eczema due to a poorly functioning immune system, look into several options for eczema treatment in Apex today.